Best Practices

The following best practices are gathered from feedbacks we received from our customer, and based on the internal tests we conduct regularly.

High Availability

For your environment and the service, we can guarantee 95% uptime. However, the service might be interrupted for a limited time during VM updates, and Browseasy regular updates. If your workload requires high availability, then we suggest you to have at least 2 instances in your plan. This will allow us to provide 99% uptime.

Use different plans to seperate your workload 

We assume that your web automation workload also requires a development effort. It's best to keep your web automation under source control. As a best practice, most of our customers have multiple plans for development/test and production workloads. If you use a headless browser on your local machine to develop and test your web automation, it's likely that you'll encounter problems when you switch to Browseasy. Having a dedicated plan for development/test will also allow you to identify any problems you encounter.

Check your connection before your purchase

It's possible that your web automation might be running in an isolated network. We strongly suggest you to work with your network administrator to check and test your connection towards Check our knowledge base for troubleshooting your connection issues. 

Keep your Browseasy connection string safe and secure

By the protocol specification, Web Sockets does not handle authorization or authentication. This why we can only offer API key authentication in HTTP query string parameters. As a best practice, do not share/keep your API key and/or connection string under source control. Always treat these configuration settings as secrets. Based on your web automation framework, check and decide the best way to keep these configuration settings in your network. If you think that your connection string or API key is compromised please create a support request so that we can renew them. During renewal, your service might be interrupted and become unavailable for a limited time.

IP Whitelisting

Once you purchased a plan, your environment endpoint is publicly available, i.e. anyone on the internet can access it. In order to avoid unauthorized access, please create a support ticket and let us know a list of IP addresses in CIDR notation to be whitelisted. e.g.,