You can find a list of common questions we have received to work with Browseasy. If you can't find your question below, try to search through the web pages and knowledge articles. You are always welcome to contact us with regard to your question.

How can I try out Browseasy?

As soon as you register an account we provide a freemium plan. You can check your API key, endpoint details and more in My Products page. Freemium environment is provided as a demo environment for you to test and evaluate Browseasy features.

Can I provide custom launch arguments?

Unfortunately, we don't provide any way to customize headless chrome launch arguments beacuse of security and consistency concerns.

You offer different plans with quantities to choose, but I can't pick one. Can you explain the differences? 

Every web automation workload is unique, and we offer various plans to meet your requirements for the best price. Please see our guide that is incorporated by our customers as well. We hope it can help you to choose most suitable plan for your specific use case.

How many browsers can I run in my plan/environment? 

Browseasy does not enforce any limits for the total number browser sessions. When you purchase a plan, we host a cloud environment dedicated to you with fixed virtual CPUs/RAM along with certain bandwith, and storage limits. It's totally up to you how to consume these resources. According to our tests, a single small plan is able to run dozens of browsers to load and render a single static HTML file concurrently, without any connection problem and long delays. But it does not mean that you can run hundreds of browsers for all workloads. Each web automation workload is different, and you need to figure out by yourself what is the sweet spot on your plan for your own workloads. After all, there are limited resources on each plan. Apart from resource limits mentioned above, there are hard caps enforced by the OS as well, and one of them is the total number of sockets. For this particular case, we had to limit number of incoming headless browser connections. Hence, you cannot run more than 100 browsers concurrently on any plan.

Can I upgrade my plan at any time? 

Unfortunately, it is not possible at the moment. When you purchase a plan, the resources are allocated for the period you are granted. However you can cancel your subscriptions at any time. At the end of your current period you can order another plan. We strongly suggests you to have multiple plans as a best practice. Most of customers have their small plans to test and develop their workloads, then they decide the most suitable plan size for the production workload.

Is there any cheaper plan you can offer? 

This is one of the questions we receive very frequently, most of them are suggesting to offer single CPU plans.
Headless browser, by it's architecture, is a multi thread/process application. Running such an application on single CPU, on top of operating system, leads us to various race conditions and resource starvation.
We actually tried to come up with a solution, however the results and the experince we get is not only poor, but also very misleading. This is why Browseasy will never ever offer single CPU plans. But we are working on to provide a usage based plan in near future.

Is it possible to change quantity of the plans, what happens if I change it? 

You can adjust the quantity of the plan, i.e. the number of VM instances, during checkout or later on. If this is your first plan with Browseasy, we strongly suggest you to start with a single VM instance to see the overall performance for your workload. When you increase the quantity, you will receive an immediate invoice with respect to the days remaining in the current billing period. Starting from the next billing period, you'll be charged for the full amount.
At any time, you can also decrease the quantity of your plan. The charges for the remaning days will be credited to your account, and you are going to pay less for the next billing period, and for the future periods as long as you have credits which can be found on your invoices.
Please note that, the credits you get by decreasing the VM instances cannot be refunded since the resources are allocated and waiting for your future use. We also cannot refund the remaning credits in your account if you cancel your subscription. Please contact-us  in case you have further questions.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? 

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, which will stop auto collection for your future invoice. The environment will be available till end of the current period, then decommissioned. You can re-activate your subscription before the end of current period. Please note that, once environment is decommissioned there is no way recover your configuration and data on your dedicated environment.

How many plans we can have in total? 

You can have multiple plans, and this is what we suggest as a best practive. Most of our customer following this best practive and they have different plans for their development, test and production workloads. 

I am not able to access Browseasy endpoint from our corporate network, is your service down?

If you are trying to connect from your corparate network, it is highly possible that your network is running behind a firewall and/or proxy for various security reasons. 
Please check the knowledge base for troubleshooting your connectivity issues. We strongly suggest you to test your connection towards before your purchases.

I cannot access

To access Browseasy debugger, you also need to authenticate from your browser with the same Browseasy account/email. If you think that it's not an authentication issue please check previous question and knowledge base.

Is Browseasy using a proxy server to access the target website?

No, not at all. Your VMs in your environment running behind a load balancer with a public static IP for the incoming traffic from your network. Every VM has also their own public dynamic IPs which they use it for outgoing traffic, i.e. to access the target web sites you open with headless browser. This is why you see different IP addresses for incoming and outgoing traffic.

It seems that browseasy statistics are not very accurate in monitoring page, as they are fluctuating very fast.

Realtime monitoring is actually really hard to achieve accurately. Browseasy statistics are provided over UDP, so time to time it is possible to lose some packets. However, it should also converge very fast to true state of the statistic. Note that, whenever you connect to endpoint, a browser launches in the environment. It's a best practice to keep a fixed number of browsers running in your environment which utilize VM resources more effectively and reduce the fluctuations on statistics.

I cannot access to the target website from my web automation with Browseasy.

It is possible that hosting of target website may restict the accesses from Browseasy. There might be various endpoint protection mechanisms involved, including but not limited to firewalls, rate limitations, captcha protections, inhuman check etc.
If you own the target website please follow our knowledge base articles with your IT department to grant access from Browseasy.
Otherwise, check the target website policy if they prohibit accessing their resources with any form of web automation. It is possible that, you are not allowed to access the web site by web automations legally.
Finally, contact with the target website owner to mitigate and request access.

Can I get a refund? 

We strongly suggest you try out Browseasy with your freemium account before any purchase. We allocate every resources in your environment for the period of your subscription, and this environment becomes dedicated to you. If you stop using this environment and cancel your subscription, we cannot simply re-use it with any other customers. Hence, all the sales, in general, are final and cannot be refunded. Please let us know if you are not happy with your purchase.