What is Browseasy?

Headless Chromium already brought all modern web development features into command line where you don't need a UI shell to take advantage of a browser application anymore. While running Headless Chromium in a server environment is a great idea considering configuration, maintenance, monitoring, reliablity of such an environment can be quite cumbersome. Apart from potential environment issues, Chrome version can become another problem if you're using Headless Chromium for Quality Assurance (QA) purposes. You need to keep up with Chrome release cycle to test and see if your web site or application is working correctly with the latest browser version.

This is why we developed Browseasy, to let you able to run hundreds of headless browsers without any concern.

It's a full stack orchestrator SaaS product to manage cluster of headless browsers from a single endpoint where you can

  • customize the browser behavior with advanced features,
  • scale instantly, and run your web automation reliabily,
  • use the most recent headless browser versions easily,
  • monitor your workload in real time.

How it works?

Browseasy is running on the cloud, more specifically on Microsoft Azure. You don't need any additional software to be installed, nor any complicated setup on your system.
Sign in now to access your freemium account and check our Quick Start guide to see how easy to work with Browseasy.
It's already compatible with the most of toolchains available; puppeteer, playwrightchromedp and more.

Why should I use Browseasy?

Are you using headless browser for your web automation workloads and familiar with it? If not, you might want to give it try, especially when you have problems interacting with single page applications which relies on the advanced client side browser features. 

You are already using headless browser but having problems accessing certain web sites? Then, potentially, you are suffering from browser fingerprinting. See how our stealth mode performs against fingerprinting.

Do you have problems while debugging your web automation, check how easy to debug with Browseasy.

You can check Best Practices to optimize your web automation workloads, they can help you even if you're not using Browseasy.