You are not able to access a certain web site with Browseasy from your web automation.
A firewall might be blocking traffic from Browseasy to the website. Browseasy is running on Azure, and certain web sites do not allow any traffic from data centers of cloud providers.
  • If you own the web site, contact your network administrator to check whether the website operating behind any firewall.
  • Ask for an incoming rule/exception on your firewall for your Browseasy outbound IP address(es) or Azure Data Center IP Ranges.
  • If you do not own the web site, you can ask the owner for exceptions.
  • If your connectivity dropped suddenly, then outbound IP addresses might be blacklisted. Please create a support request from your account, so that we can restart your environment to get new outbound IP addresses.
  • Otherwise, you need to use either a HTTP or SOCKS proxy to route your traffic from another IP address.
The web site might accept traffic from certain regions or countries.
  • If you own the website, contact your IT administrator to check whether the website is available from the default Browseasy region Amsterdam, Netherlands.
  • Otherwise, you need to figure out from which regions or countries the web site is accessible. Then you can Contact Us for an enterprise solution which we can deploy your environment to any other region that you can access the web site.
If you are not able to access the web site time to time, then there might be some IP specific rate limitations.
  • If you own the website, contact your IT administrator to define some exceptions from the outbound IP address of your Browseasy environment to the website.
  • Otherwise, you can try to increase the number of instances in your Browseasy plan, which will provide you more IP addresses.
  • Finally, you can try to use different HTTP or SOCKS proxy servers with IP rotation capabilities, or you need to run your web automation with different proxies every time.


If you encounter these issues frequently, then we strongly suggest you to work with good proxy provider.