Browseasy 2.96.1 is available!

This is a major release on top of Chromium 96.0.4664.110.

It solely focuses on bringing latest headless detection evasions for multiple anti-bot systems and products.

The internal tests we have conducted show that Browseasy is able to dodge major detection products surpassing its previous success. These systems and products are including but not limited to
Our intention is to show that Browseasy is able to simulate a real end user behavior on a regular browser. 

We strongly suggest you to test your web site with Browseasy to check effectiveness of the bot detection products whether they're worth to invest for your business.

Note that, every connection you open launch a new browser on the cloud. Every detection product will produce a unique fingerprint for that particular browser if you enable stealth mode. 
As soon as long you continue to that browser, your fingerprint will remain for all the pages and sessions, till you open a new connection and browser in stealth mode.

You'll always have a different, unique fingerprint per browser in stealth mode.

Enjoy the new Browseasy version! Let us know if you encounter any problem.
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    That's fast!
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    Do not release new versions on the weekends please.
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    The new versions are not rolled into your environment without your consent. Please check your email for instructions. Thanks in advance.