Real Time Monitoring

Browseasy is using Netdata to monitor your dedicated environment in real time. Before going into monitoing details, we need to explain Browseasy stack a little bit.

Browseasy Stack

Browseasy is not a single stand alone web application, but more like a stack of applications with multiple cloud resources. It consists of multiple micro services, running on docker containers on top of a complex virtual network infrastructure.

Essentially, when you subscribe for a Browseasy Plan, you acquire worker VMs to run headless browser processes over a single endpoint to connect this environment. We handle deployment, configuration, orchestration and monitoring for you.
On each worker VM, we have 2 browseasy micro service applications running to handle browser connection requests, launching browsers etc. The reason having 2 instances of this application to ensure high availability on browseasy and headles browser updates for newer version. 

If your plan includes a single VM, then there is a single point of failure even if we have 2 applications running in this instance. So, it's best to have more than 2 worker VMs in your environment for high availability. Browser connection requests are evenly distributed within between these 2 applications. 

When you have multiple worker VMs, then the browser connection requests are evenly distributed among the worker VMs.

Monitoring Your Environment

You can find your monitoring URL in My Products page per your plan. The endpoint has the same IP address as the web socket endpoint, but served on different location. 

We highly recommend to whitelist your own IP addresses, so that noone else can access and monitor your Browseasy environment. 

You can check Freemium Monitor to see how it looks when you land on the main monitoring page. 
On the main page, you will find an overall statistics about your environment. More specifically
  • How many headless browsers are running in your environment in total,
  • How many of the browsers are in stealth mode,
  • How many pages are opened in these browsers,
  • How many debug sessions are active,
  • The average launch time for headless browser processes.
along with some diagnostics statistics. 

Monitoring Your Workers

Transparency is one of our core values, so we provide information about your environment as much as possible. You can find detailed information about your Workers VMs so that you can measure your web automation workload by yourself.
On the left side panel of the monitoring page, you'll find the monitoring pages per worker VM, which provides 
  • Inbound/Outbound network traffic,
  • CPU utilization
  • RAM utilization
  • CPU load,
  • and many more statistics.